Chastity femboy Kayla La Soumise takes it from Clark Delgaty
Naughty femboy minx, Kayla La Soumise, is provocatively investigating her body over her short rosy miniskirt & leggings. Hearts thumping with expectancy, she takes a penis ring & naughtily slides it over her resting adulthood. Following this, she picks up a glossy penis cell, locking it carefully in place. In time, Clark Delgaty makes an appearance for some jiggly afternoon antics, and Kayla arms over the key to the cage, surrendering herself completely. Kayla then indulges Clark with a zealous and prolonged work of oral work before her puffy behind is meticulously thrashed. It’s only after Clark ejaculations his straddle, filling Kayla’s ass with male love jam, that he playfully forearms back the meat stick cage key, permitting Kayla to pull out herself and bask in the post-coital bliss.

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