Nerdy Femboy Benny Fox gets arse fucked at work by Clark Delgaty
Looks like Clark Delgaty is having some tech troubles today that have thrown a wrench in his work schedule. In swoops to the rescue, Benny Fox, the prettily lippy “femboy” from the IT department. Benny arches over Clark’s desk, his red plaid mini-skirt bashfully concealing his cream colored ass  and thong. Clark finds it nearly impossible to shift his stare away from Benny’s intriguing physique, a fact which Benny savors in. His aqua eyes twinkle at Clark from behind his circular spectacles, subtly brave Clark to lose his restraint. Not one to waste words, Clark plunges 2 fingers into Benny’s mouth, allowing the impatient twunk to get moist them. Incapable to hold back his wish any longer, Benny lowers himself to his knees and takes Clark’s extraordinaire manhood into his mouth. In dramatic fashion, Clark gives Benny an ass fucking before eventually releasing all that pent-up jizz onto Benny’s glasses and pinkish lips.

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