TS Echo Screams gets spanked and reamed out by Kai Bailey
Echo Screams is a lively Trans darling who adores exhibiting her firm body. The blonde stunner’s punk aesthetic comprises of tight denim shorts, a pet collar/choker, and expansive plug earrings. Echo tantalizes the camera before warmly welcoming audacious stud Kai Bailey with heated kisses. She grips their phalluses and jerks them off in unison. Kai stoops to offer a wet oral pleasure. Echo cries out as Kai explores her anal cavity with his tongue, and she drools as she engulfs Kai’s large shaft. Kai reprimands her with a spank as he invades Echo’s compact anus — it’s a boisterous display! The eccentric encounter highlights vigorous anal penetration, ass-to-mouth oral play, and anal stretching! Kai strangles Echo as she stimulates herself to climax. When he sprays his hot ejaculate over her bosom, the charming Trans gathers the fluid and swallows it down.

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