Cis Keira Croft gets boned by TS Jean Hollywood
Attractive, cisgender brunette Keira Croft appears as a seductive schoolgirl with braids, matching checkered tie and skirt, a backpack, stockings, and heels. She is eager to engage with Trans Ella Hollywood, and begins undressing even before Ella arrives. Tall, fair-skinned Ella wears a leather dog collar, has pierced nipples, dons fishnet stockings, and bulging underwear. The thrilled girls share a passionate French kiss; Keira reveals Ella’s girlhood for a front-door oral pleasure. Inside, Keira fondles and performs deep oral on Ella, licking her testicles and exploring her rear entrance — this is committed, saliva-drenched, comprehensive oral adoration! The girls sample the metal anal toy that’s been inserted in Keira’s rear. Keira’s vagina mounts Ella’s arousal, her adorable bottom bouncing as Ella pleasures her natural breasts. Ella moves her she-cock from Keira’s vagina to her rear entrance, and an anal ride makes Keira vocalize her pleasure. Keira performs an ass-to-mouth oral, and the women share a kiss flavored with their intimate activities. Witness more skin-on-skin action, plus face sitting, fingering, and oral in various positions. A delighted Keira releases female ejaculation all over Ella! While performing oral, Keira inserts her hand into Ella, graphically twisting her petite forearm in Ella’s wide-open, saliva- and lubricant-slicked rear. A large sex toy replaces Keira’s hand, and lubricant gushes from Ella’s stretched anal cavity. Standing, Ella releases streams of semen onto kneeling, testicle-licking Keira, who drools and kisses the semen into Ella’s mouth. In a ‘postgame interview,’ Keira discusses her first fisting experience, stating that when Ella’s ‘inviting’ rear ‘pulled me right in,’ Ella felt like her puppet!

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