Lohany Ariel and Rayssa Pereira get together for TS-on-TS sex
Brazilian, bedroom-dressed Trans vixens Lohany Ariel and Rayssa Pereira partake in a risqué rendezvous. They eagerly seize each other’s rigid female-shaft as innovative adult filmmaker Joey Silvera documents the scene. Lohany, boasting an eye-catching cherry-red mane, kneels and promptly administers oral pleasure to Rayssa. Beautiful Rayssa reciprocates, taking Lohany’s firm female-shaft into her mouth. Lohany flaunts her rounded, suntan-lined derriere as Rayssa savors her sugary sac. Rayssa explores Lohany’s backdoor with her tongue. She positions her posterior on Lohany’s face and grinds while self-pleasuring. Lohany experiences a blissful anal penetration! The trans-on-trans amusement culminates in dual climaxes: Lohany manipulates her female-member to a frothy climax, showering her torso with sticky seed strands. Rayssa extracts her own pleasure, releasing creamy seed droplets onto Lohany’s taut stomach.

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