Femboy BFFs Alex and Benny Fox get stacked and slammed by Mateo Tomas
Femboy buddies, Alex, and Benny Fox are side by side, smearing on rouge & batting eyelashes like a pair of flippant schoolgirls. They’re primed & well-prepped for the arrival of Mateo Tomas and have gone the additional mile to look totally ravishing just for him. Benny is as stellar as strawberry-flavored ice splooge, rocking a pink hoodie & matching underwear, garbed with dainty earrings & an elegant nub necklace. Tempting, on the other hand, has taken a hornier route, sporting edgy torn jean-shorts over mysterious black fishnets, & a punk-inspired studded collar. United, they’re like 2 halves of an entire. Mateo takes one look at them and is instantly floored, unable to decide where to start. Luckily for him, Inviting and Benny are the ultimate desire squad. As shortly as he arrives, they get down on their knees, offering him a dual delight which they then switch up for some cheeky slobber roast shenanigans. Next thing on the menu, Mateo arranges these vivacious femboys into a lot and alternates in between their tantalizing butts as they tremble atop one another. The ejaculation is something gay-for-pay out of a wish, a softcore daisy chain that culminates in a shower of rapture – a date these besties undoubtedly won’t forget in a hurry.

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