TS Ella Hollywood engages in sin with cis girl Keira Croft
Adorable, cisgender brunette Keira Croft presents herself as a seductive schoolgirl with braids, matching plaid tie and skirt, backpack, stockings and heels. She is eager to engage with Trans Ella Hollywood, with Keira beginning to undress even before Ella enters the room. Tall, fair-skinned Ella sports a leather dog collar, pierced nipples, fishnet stockings and bulging underwear. The thrilled girls share a French kiss; Keira reveals Ella’s feminine erection for a front-door oral pleasure. Inside, Keira stimulates and deep throats Ella, lavishing attention on her testicles and rimming her rear end — this is committed, saliva-drenched, comprehensive oral adoration! The girls sample the metallic anal plug that’s been inserted in Keira’s rectum. Keira’s vagina mounts Ella’s erection, her adorable behind moving rhythmically as Ella services her natural breasts. Ella transitions her she-phallus from Keira’s vagina to her rear end, and an anal ride elicits moans from Keira. Keira performs an ass-to-mouth fellatio, and the ladies share a rectally flavored kiss. Witness much more skin-contact sex, plus face sitting, digital stimulation and oral pleasure in various positions. Keira, overcome with pleasure, releases a feminine ejaculation all over Ella! While providing oral pleasure, Keira fists Ella, graphically twisting her small forearm in Ella’s gaping, saliva- and lubricant-slicked rear end. A large dildo takes the place of Keira’s fist, and lubricant gushes from Ella’s ravaged anal cavity. Standing Ella releases streams of semen onto kneeling, testicle-lapping Keira, who drools and kisses the semen into Ella’s mouth. In a ‘postgame interview,’ Keira recounts her first fisting experience, stating that when Ella’s ‘inviting’ rear end ‘pulled me right in,’ Ella felt like her marionette!

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